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Angular, an introduction

Angular is one of the fastest developing technologies right now. If you are more than 30 years old (and a .NET developer),you have probably worked with web forms, MVC and lately .NET Core. In our work it seems that it does not matter how much you know,because you always need to know more. That is why you have also worked with a great number of Javascript frameworks and small libraries. Sometimes i honestly think of quiting and finding a new job that has nothing to do with computers!. At the end of the day though programming can be so creative,…

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JWT and .NET Core Cookie Authentication

Today we are looking into the mysteries of JWT combined with .NET Core! Due to the SPA’s getting more and more popular it is very likely that you will need to develop one at some point in the future. Furthermore Microsoft’s latest technology (.NET Core) is a powerfull and modern tool that works really well with client frameworks such as Angular. Imagine a scenario where we have an application for an eshop. The store front will be implemented using an SPA and the backend will be supported by .NET Core. The SPA can communicate via a web secured API (using…

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