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Playstation 2 : Play games through HDD or SD card

This the first post in a long series (i hope) of posts about retro consoles. The purpose of these posts
is to get you up and running with simple projects that you can complete in under 30 minutes.
Playstation 2 is the most successfull console of all time, so you will probably have one! Unfortunately ps2’s
laser disc can often malfunction and you will not be able to play your games. If you have a PHAT ps2 you can
solve this problem by adding a harddisk or an sdcard to your system and run your entire collection from there!
This procedure is called softmodding, so let’s get started!


First of all for this tutorial you will need a Playstation 2 PHAT version. It does not need to have a modchip installed
since the method I am using does not depend on the PS2 reading burned discs. Also you will need a Playstation 2 network adaptor.

Hardware for Softmodding

You can use any HDD/SDCard you like, but if go way too high like 4TB it is possible that the programs we’ll use might not
work very well. I would suggest going around 1TB or 2TB if you have a big collection of games.
The drives listed below are just suggestions you don’t have to buy the specific drives/SDCards to complete the tutorial.

Option 1 HDD – SATA

Option 2 HDD – IDE

Option 3 SD card – SATA

Option 4 SD card – IDE

All the Amazon links above are affiliated, so by clicking on them and buying the products you support me at no extra cost on your part.


First of all let’s start by downloading all the necessary software from here.


  • FHDB1.93
  • HDDRawCopy1.10
  • WinHIIP_V1.7.6
  • Your games in .iso format

1. Extract FHDB1.93.img using 7zip
2. Right click on HDDRawCopy1.10Setup.exe and then Run As Administrator
3. Install HDDRawCopy1.10
4. Connect the HDD/sdcard (that you have chosen to use in your PS2) and plug it in your PC.
If you’ve chosen to use an sdcard be sure to connect it to your PC using the apropriate adaptor
because in order for this tutorial to work your PC must be able to recognise the sdcard as hard disk.
5. Run HDD Raw Copy tool and double click on FILE.
6. Find and select the file FHDB1.93.img then press Continue.
7. Select the HDD that you want the image file to be installed and then press Continue.
8. At the final screen press START and wait for the process to finish
9. Close HDD Raw Copy.

With this procedure done our HDD is ready to be plugged in to the playstation but there will be no
games on it. Se get your original PS 2 games and convert them to .iso . The process is
very simple and you can find ton’s of tutorials on how to do it.

After you have your games ready unzip WinHIIP_V1.7.6 and then Run it As Administrator.
1. Press ‘Select Drive’ and then elect your HDD.
2. If you have a big HDD 500GB or more it advisable to got to Options
and select 48bit HDLoader
3. At the bottom left press ‘Add Images’ and then select all your games
4. Press Start. The process is pretty slow especially if choose a lot of games so be patient!
5. Eject your HDD and connect it to your PS2.
6. Open your PS2 and you will be presented with the Free HDBoot screen
7. Select Open PS2 Loader 0.9.2 from the menu
8. If everything went according to plan you will see all of your games at the screen.
9. Select a game and press the X button.
10. That’s it! you’ve made it!

As with everything in life this tutorial is also not perfect. If you have any comments or suggestions
that will make it better please take the time and write them bellow or send them at


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