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Technical stuff in a non-technical way – Spark

What is Spark and PySpark and what can I do with it?

I was once asked during a presentation of the Baskerville Analytics System to explain Apache Spark to someone that is not technical at all.

It kind of baffled me because I am very much used to thinking and talking in code and my mind just kept going back to technical terms, so I believe I didn’t do a great job in the very limited time I had. Let’s try this one more time, using the “impossible” homework example, for the sake of that one person who asked me and because I believe that explaining things as simply as possible is a great skill to develop.

The impossible homework

Click the link below to read the full article that explains the over-simplified basic thinking behind Apache Spark and many similar frameworks and systems, e.g. horizontal or vertical data “sharding” :

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